Neuromarketing: A Threat or An Opportunity for Pharma?

Neuromarketing offers to companies the chance to understand the decision making in its deepest core, investigating the irrational and emotional reasons that lead the client to come to that decision. Starting from the assumption that in the information economy the competitive factor is knowledge, neuromarketing is an opportunity as much as a risk.   Opportunity If used in an integrated way with other market research tools, it helps to understand the most intrinsic pathway through which an ad campaign [...]

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The difference between Talking-to and talking-with

During a recent meeting with a representative of a pharmaceutical multinational company, we analyzed the results of a survey. It centered on the channels and the modality of approach which physicians consider the most interesting. The survey core question appeared to be: “what is your preferred channel to receive pharmaceutical detailing?” The results were interesting, but presented a bias just as relevant. In the first section of the survey, the accent was heavily on direct promotion. Traditional face-to-face detailing, [...]

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Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing doesn’t exists

It appeared clearer than ever during a conversation with an Innovation and Multichannel group at Pfizer. We were analyzing the data and looking for the reasons of the success of an initiative that involved Multichannel and use of the remote informator- after partnering in this activity for more than an year. Was it the partnership, the modality of communication, the competence of the remote rep, the contents, the multichannel project? The conclusion was: correct scientific information, and correct application [...]

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