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Quality and compliance at the core of everything

To our clients, we offer the professional competence and expertise  of a pharmaceutical company.

Attention to  quality and compliance is at the core of all of our services.

This is why we devote every efforts to monitor continuously every one of our processes.

The numerous certification, continual Authority Audits, the certification bodies among the corporate customers allow to monitor the processes, guaranteeing efficacy and constant supervising.

Merqurio Pharma can offer an array of services, including:

  • CSO (Contract Selling Organization)

  • Phone-Detailing

  • Pharmacovigilance in outsourcing

Our Certifications

Our Scientific Information services


For the report of Adverse events connected to the use of products by Merqurio Pharma

    Having read the above information related to ex art.13 of L.D. 196/2003, as the subject of the processing:

    I agreeI don’t agree

    That the Data Controller may process my identification and sensitive data for the Pharmacovigilance purposes stated in section 2.

    Pharmacovigilance is a complex of activities the purpose of which is to evaluate continuously all the information relevant to drug safety and ensure, for every drug on the market, a positive risk-benefit profile.

    MERQURIO PHARMA makes available the addresses, the email and the phone numbers relevant to every set of problems pertaining reports of Adverse Reaction to a drug. 

    Telefono: +39/0221116948

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