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    Strategies-bound activities: what we do to achieve business goals

    In any moment, we are surrounded by information flows from a multitude of channels.

     To reach physicians and be effective, pharmaceutical marketing needs to embrace innovative channels, to communicate a clear, accurate, effective message.

    Multichannel Pharmaceutical Marketing

    Integrating every channel is not just about the sum of the parts. It is the winning outcome of a marketing model where the Physician, is always put at the center of any communicative action.

    Through Multichannel, the target can choose, every time, the preferred channel to receive the Key Message.

    Phone Detailing and the pharmaceutical representative

    The Pharmaceutical representative is still a valuable asset in the relationship between Physicians and Pharmaceutical companies, as a trusted consultant to help the Physician meet the current healthcare needs of the population.

    If you need more flexibility, you can choose the remote representative (Phone-Detailing), who offers the same professionalism in a more agile way, while still complying with the same legal requirements, and undergoing pharmacovigilance, medical supervision and permanent training.

    The web is where the Physicians turn for information and updates.

    When devising a Content Marketing plan, every content chosen must be continuously updates, and most of all, fine-tuned based on the audience reaction. Thus, you will reach your target promptly, meeting is need for constant updating.

    Pharmacies distribution

    Pharmacies are the key point in the patient-drug relation.

    Therefore, the representative needs to be an integral part of a Pharmaceutical Company’s global plan for Marketing and communication: from discount promotional campaign to wellness services

    You can have everything. Just choose.

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