The net of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives for third parties.

Effectiveness and efficiency in the relationship with physicians.

Merqurio’ s is the first CSO net in Europe equipped with iPads.

Merqurio’s CSO net employs exclusively Reps of proven experience, located homogenously on the national territory.

That is why Merqurio can conciliate the need of Pharmaceutical companies to outsource the detailing activities and to reduce management and personnel costs.

Merqurio’s CSO features:

Merqurio’s CSO features:

  • Complete and consistent coverage

  • Meticulous selection of the Representatives, in compliance with D.L 219/06, taking into account, beside competence and experience, specifically interpersonal and networking skills with an ample base of GPs, gynecologists, dentists, geriatricians, pharmacists as loyal customers. Great importance is also placed upon knowledge of the assigned area and attention both towards the products and the services of support and information.

  • Integration of different channels thanks to our CMS, which allows the online,  phone and field force operations to run simultaneously.

  • Accurate and continuous medical, professional and communications training.

  • Rigorous structure monitored through the TMS system.


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    Domenico Maira
    Domenico MairaMerqurio Pharma CSO National coordinator
    Marina Ehlardo
    Marina EhlardoHuman resources and Training/Communication