Complete and updated databases for a through overview of the professional healthcare sector

A privileged viewpoint on the healthcare universe.

Through a sophisticated Multichannel system, Merqurio gathers with exacting accuracy essential information, necessary for pharmaceutical companies that needs to be continually up-to-date wih the healthcare sector.

The data are verified through more than 2.000 daily variations, and are the instrumental foundation to successfully take on the Italian pharmaceutical market, recognizing the key figures in public and private healthcare.

. Furthermore, Merqurio offers to its partners automatic merge-purge systems, which allow for an easy review of the accuracy of the archives.

Merqurio databases are a faithful reproduction of the healthcare landscape across the whole Italian territory.


  • Drug Database

  • Physicians Database

  • Stakeholder Database

  • Pharmacies and Wholesale Dealers Database


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    Lorella Bergamo
    Lorella BergamoDatabase & Stakeholder Coordinator