Dear Doctor Letter

Benefit from a continuously updated database combined with the service of print and mail outsourcing , active in a short time-frame and cost-effective

The Dear Doctor Letter (DDL) is a valuable tool to apprise HCPs  of  a product’s safety information and adverse reactions in a timely manner.

A DDL can also contain relevant information about efficacy, storage issues, physical and chemical stability, interactions and incompatibilities.

Extensions or restrictions of the indications from the one approved at the moment of registration of the product can also be notified through a Dear Doctor Letter, making them a meaningful source about treatment.

As a publishing house, Merqurio, benefits from reduced fees for the delivery of direct mail, like target creative.

Beside the direct mail service, Merqurio offers the option of digital Dear Doctor Letters. These are sent through our servers, recognized by all the major email providers.

Merqurio Dear Doctor Letters have catching, highly customizable templates, and offer the possibility to monitor and measure the response rate.


Lorella Bergamo
Lorella BergamoDatabase & Stakeholder Coordinator


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