Pharmacovigilance in Outsourcing

The complete management in outsourcing of Pharmacovigilance, Cosmetovigilance and Phytovigilance activities.

Merqurio Pharma, in compliance with current regulations and European and Italian guidelines, offers to Big Pharma, Medium and Small Pharma, and third-party manufacturers the management of the Pharmacovigilance, Cosmetovigilance, and Phytovigilance activities.

Pharmacovigilance in outsource

Advice and assistance forPharmacovigliance in outsource for any companies that whishes to outsource , in part or completely, the activities mandated by the current regulations.

Why outsource to Merqurio:

  • We are a pharmaceutical company

  • We scrupulously comply with regulation, while retaining our flexibility

  • We supply certified and validated processes

  • We undergo regular Audits

  • We offer full service or on demand activities.

Cosmetovigilance and Phytovigilance

Merqurio Pharma cooperates with pharmaceutical companies to draft the appropriate procedures in compliance to the duty to register and notify to competent authorities serious adverse reactions.  This obligation lies on those who commercialize and/or distribute the products, together with the duty to put in place, if necessary, appropriate corrective measures.

Furthermore, Merqurio supports our clients in:

  • Management of reports of adverse reactions to cosmetics and phytotherapics

  • Drafting of handbooks, SOPs and detailed WI for a correct management of  cosmetovigilance activities

  • Personalized training.


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    Michele PirontiScientific Medical director, Scientific Service Supervisor, Quality Management System Supervisor
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    Viola Di Marco
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    Marina EhlardoHuman Resources and Training/Communication