Remote Pharmaceutical Sales Representative®

Phone-detailing is a new Multichannel Marketing service, fast and innovative, to help pharmaceutical companies reach physicians.

It can be used as an alternative or act as a support to the Rep’s visit, allowing managers to implement Marketing plans and reducing unproductive expenses.

Merqurio created an integrated system to optimize the promotion of knowledge about pharmaceutical drugs. The activities of phone-detailing offer an answer to the  fundamental needs of pharmaceutical companies.

Our offer

  • Remote detailing on mature products

  • Additional information to support the sales force

  • Remote detailing for vacant therapeutic areas

  • Remote detailing for vacant territorial areas

  • Inbound phone support for HCPs or patients on pharmaceutical products

  • Rapid reports on changes brought to a specific drug

  • Leads Generation activities: setting appointment, securing customers

  • Raise in the subscription to websites dedicated to HCP

  • Detailing on laboratory tests

Phone-Detailing offers our partners the opportunity to selectively maintain an effective communication towards the selected target.


Nicoletta Pisano
Nicoletta PisanoRemote Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Supervisor
Michele Pironti
Michele PirontiScientific Medical director, Scientific Service Supervisor, Quality Management System Supervisor
Francesca Maria Iengo
Francesca Maria IengoRemote Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Team Leader
Marina Ehlardo
Marina EhlardoDeputy QPPV

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